I've been tagged by Cyberdelia of Avidly Dreaming for the "seven random garden facts" meme. 

Now I am wondering: is it because I have a garden?  Or because I have a tendency to wander randomly?

Regardless, I take these things very seriously.  Interspersed with the seven random facts will be four actual photos of my current 'potager' (vegetable garden).Garden2007

1. In Andorra I had an herb garden only slightly bigger than a postage stamp, right next to our door.  It had 1 sage plant, 1 rosemary plant, 2 thyme plants, 1 marjoram plant and 1 clump of chives.  I had basil and parsley in pots.  When it rained in Andorra it came down by the bucket full.  The water would come rushing down the mountain past our house (3000 feet)  to the village below.   After one particularly hard rain, my little herb garden was buried under a foot of rocks. The water coming off the wall by our house had changed direction ever so slightly. 

2. I love green beans.  Always have.  I am terrified of spiders.  Always have been.  (It's an irrational fear, but what can I say…it's irrational!).  When I was about 12, our neighbor had to be gone for a week.  As a treat for me (so the story goes) she told me that I could have all of her beans provided I picked them.  I happily agreed.  The first day I went to  pick beans there was a spider (naturally) on one of the leaves.  I very gingerly picked only the beans I could see without moving or touching the leaves.  By the time she came back the plants were full of huge, tough, inedible beans and had quit producing.  She was not pleased!  But then, neither was I… I'd hardly had any beans!Courgette2007

3. It's about 150 yards from my kitchen to my vegetable garden.  To run down and grab a zucchini for dinner takes about 6 minutes.  The dogs love it!

4. I bring seeds back from the U.S. for our 'American' vegetables: sweet corn (pig food), acorn squash (pig food), green beans, (bigger then the tiny 'haricot vert').  I keep waiting for the GM (genetic modification) police to come and haul me away! 

5. I always plant too much.  I just can't seem to help myself.  There are so many seeds in those little packages and my German Catholic upbringing just won't let me throw them out.  (That's right, blame it on the nuns!)  Instead, I carefully plant, water, weed, hoe…. and end up throwing rows of lettuce and radishes in the compost pile.  For the other stuff … 

6. I have a 'Vegetable Freezer'.  It's sole use is for the harvest from my vegetable garden.  It's kind of an interim stop before the compost pile.  It goes like this:Pickle2007

Plant all of the seeds.
Eat as much as we can; what we can't goes directly to the compost pile if it can't be frozen.
If it can be frozen it goes in the freezer until the freezer's full; what's left goes in the compost pile.
Eat what's in the freezer until the next planting season, or until we're so sick of it we can't bare the thought; what's left goes in the compost pile.
The compost pile is clearly the  winner in all this.  Mon mari claims I could eliminate a lot of steps if I just wouldn't plant all the seeds….right!  Then we'd have to buy fertilizer!

7. I love dill pickles.  They don't exist here, anywhere.  There are the little French cornichon, which are very good, but they're not dill pickles.  So I have to grow my own little pickling cukes and dill (I have to bring the seeds from the U.S.) and make my own pickles.

The photos, from the top:
1. The entire garden.  I plant in combination to save space (and hoeing).  The pumpkin is in between the corn rows, the melons are in the beans, the dill is in the pickle patch, etc.  The empty dirt is where my tomatoes were before they bit the dust…sigh!
2.  My monster zucchini!  We had such a cool start to summer the foliage on everything went crazy… I'm just now starting to get some vegetables.
3.  The cucumber, pickle and dill patch.
4. The dogs in their spot at the end of the lane going to the house.  On their left are blackberry brambles; on the right apple, pear, fig, plum, walnut and hazelnut trees, and table grapes.   The cherry, peach and more plum trees are in a different pasture.

Oh, yeah, it's all organic… which means the garden is full of slugs, snails and….spiders!

My herb garden is up by the house…. that's the banner picture…

I will pass on this tag to everyone with a garden… go to it!


Come into my garden….. — 21 Comments

  1. You have the garden I dream for. The photos are fabulous.
    That’s a great Spider story! So much little girl in there.

  2. Pille, my girls say thank you! There are chickens on the other side of the hedge so they like to race up and down and tease them…
    Thanks Tanna, my mother was soooo mad about that! I’m now brave enough to pick my own beans… but I saw a really huge ugly ‘something’ in them the other day – I now rattle the beans with a stick before I pick, lol!

  3. Katiez, this is so wonderful. I hope to visit you some day to ‘randomly walk’ in your beautiful garden. 😀

  4. Beautiful garden, it reminds me of the gardens we grew when I was a kid, it makes me hurt with the desire to live that way once again.

  5. I love that you have a pickle garden! How very practical. The photos of your garden are beautiful; I am green with envy at how lush everything looks!

  6. Thanks, Truffle – Dill Pickles Forever!
    Anh, I would love to have you come walk in my garden… do you do weeds?
    Shayne, my mother always had a big garden, too. But she had lots of flowers in hers… I can’t be bothered if I can’t eat it!
    Lydia, yes, it looks green and lush… but ‘where’s the veg?’ All the plant energy has gone into producing leaves the dogs can hide under lol!

  7. Hi Katie, that was such an enjoyable read. I envy your huge garden & even your frozen veggies. I have a herb “patch” which is also subject to the perils of nature and a nrighbour’s cat that seems to enjoy rubbing her back all over my oregano! tsk!

  8. Happy belated, Katie! I DO love your blog. Kind of gives me a different perspective, you living in France and all. So far apart, yet so alike. Small world after all!

  9. I loved looking at your garden. And I started giggling when I saw the corn. My cousin is married to a wonderful man from France. He and I have arguments about corn–he thinks it’s for pigs too! Thak you for the pictures, you are living is heaven!

  10. Katie, your garden is gorgeous and I love the whole feeding the compost pile circle of life. Hey, if the compost pile were a living being you could consider it a pet. But then again, since there was a fad in the 70’s for pet rocks…I’m saying go for it! Give the compost pile a name so you can get pet credit for feeding it. Claim it as a dependent on your taxes!
    Also feel very sad for you about the whole dill pickle situation. I’m thinking we might need an address so we can send you “care” boxes. You know we almost had to send Kraft Mac/Cheese to Girlie and Husbear when they were in Italy but it would have cost $20 to send a 20cent box of mac&cheese so they refused to let us.
    But I/we do understand the need for both mac/cheese and dill pickles. Life is not the same without these things.

  11. Jenn, I am constantly debating myself over centipedes… we have them in our house and I’m afraid of them, too. But they eat spiders…
    Thanks, Nora, it’s a lot of work but I’m glad I have it…I think
    Farmgirl, yes, it can be amazingly small… so different and yet so alike…
    Sher, Yup, pig food… but for some reason if it comes out of a Green Giant can they are happy to put it on pizza…
    Glenna, You’re right! I should name the compost piles! We have 2: we use one for 6 months then let is sit, composting for the garden and start the other one. What was the name of that plant on ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’?!?!

  12. You have the best garden ever! Wow! to actually “run” to get a zucchini! This is my dream garden…the type you can eat 🙂 I would love to participate in this meme but all I can say it “my garcen is a wooden stool with a pot on it”…heehee 🙂

  13. Joey, I’ve had those gardens. They do the trick but this is better. It’s a long haul on a rainy day when I’ve forgotten something, though.

  14. It was the picture of the dogs that first caught my eye — they’re beautiful! Your garden and the surrounding grounds look like a paradise. What a wonderful place.

  15. Wendy, You like my little girl dogs? Want to rent one?
    Julie, thanks, sometimes I just sit down there and enjoy the day with my girls….don’t tell mon mari. He thinks I’m working…