We've been in Spain, visiting our friend in the mountains, and picking up our new puppy.

There were eight surviving puppies in his Misty's litter, which was perfect: she could feed them all without help and there were eight people anxiously waiting to provide homes.

Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, two of the families had changes of circumstance and could no longer take their puppy.

Naturally it was suggested by Misty's human that I take two puppies.

Naturally I declined.

Mon mari had been quite clear that, if (and that was a very big IF) we were to get a second dog it would be his choice and his choice would be an Alsatian (German Shepherd) like Sedi.

Then this happened:


About 10 minutes after our arrival, mon mari was surrounded by exceptionally cute puppies, and told he could have a choice.

Of the six in the photo, the one standing next to him was already ours, two are males, both with future homes, one was visiting for the weekend and the other two were making puppy eyes at mon mari in hopes of finding a home.


That's ours on the right…. the other two were available.

Aren't they cute?

I never said a word.


We spent the next few days enjoying the warm Spanish sun… And watching the puppies.

This is the mother, Misty, and the cat that has been adopted by the puppies as their favorite chew toy.

They had just been given their afternoon food, had spilled it all and were cleaning up the bits with mom's help.

The father is Pyrenean Mastif and Landseer Newfoundland, like Misty.

Here is our intended puppy, named Guapa (Spanish for 'cute').  In France, puppies born in this year are supposed to have names beginning with 'G'.


And she IS rather cute, isn't she?

Of the two available puppies, one was all white with a black mask and ears – except the edges of her ears were white.  She was adorable.

You can see part of her in the middle.

The other pup was rather determined…

That's her…. barking at mon mari.

I still kept my mouth shut.

Mon mari did not say a word.

Before breakfast, our friend handed me two puppy passports.

Then mon mari said he liked the black and white pup.  It reminded him of the puppies' great-grandmother, Bonnie.

He thought we could call her Bonita (Spanish for 'pretty') – and Bonnie for short.

I still didn't say anything….

Mainly because I was speechless.


Here we are, back in France with not one, but two, incredibly cute puppies.


 Now all I can say is…..

What the hell have we done!?!?!?

In case you're worried (I was) cute lille 'White Ears' has found a home, as well.

Now I have to go play with my puppies….


Puppies, part II — 24 Comments

  1. They are just the cutest!!!! Sometimes there’s no need to say anything, just let it go and it’ll turn out just right… You’ll have your hands full for a while.

  2. What fabulous photos!! And two puppies!!! They are indeed the cutest. (Put your shoes away; put your shoes away!)
    Really? All French puppies born this year have to have names beginning with G? Will you respell Bonita’s name with a silent G at the front?

  3. Cute and pretty…I love it. They’ll keep each other company, or so I hear 🙂

  4. OH MY GOSH!! Guapa and Bonita are way too adorable!! (I had no idea about the ‘G’ rule). That’s awesome – there was no need to say a word. Their faces were enough!

  5. I am simply green with envy! So cute and so healthy and silly! You will be frequently annoyed this first year but what a fun problem to have! Have a mentioned that I adore your husband? Not only is he handy around the house but he is a softie as well. What a great combination!

  6. Just showed my husband the photos and he said, “They are going to eat a LOT!” 🙂
    They are both darling. Congratulations!

  7. Cute, cute, cute!! They will be a handful, or several, but from my perspective totally worth it! (I wish my mari could be so smitten.)

  8. Ohhh Katie – too friggin adorable! And yes, your are in for a wild ride…at least for the first little while! So darn cute – how could any one resist?

  9. That’s fantastic! And Puppy Passports, too! They are gorgous pups who will grow up to be fantastic dogs — perhaps with a yen to chase (but maybe not kill) rabbits off your place.

  10. I am speechless.
    These puppies are so, so, essence of cuteness!
    You are going to have such fun.
    Now you need to get harness and a little cart. They’ll certainly be big enough to drive you around. 🙂
    What’s the breed?

  11. Awwww, they are adorable! I love how Bonnie informed him he was changing his mind because she said so. LOL. Congrats.

  12. Aw. They are so cute. I do miss having pets at home, although I’m not sure if my place could handle two full-grown dogs. That’s the problem with puppies – they grow!

  13. The photos with the three puppies in the doorway is priceless. Look at it this way — at least you didn’t come home with three!

  14. Thanks everyone – on behalf of the puppies. I am in no way responsible for their cuteness. Nor am I responsble for the current state of my floor after the rain yesterday. Still cute, but now, dirty and cute. And so it begins. I think it will be an interesting year.

  15. Oh wow. wow. Two pups! Have to admit I really liked lil white ears. The door frame pic is just too cute! (Showed my petfood husband the pics and the first thing he said was: they will be feeding them XXX Science plan right?)

  16. Baking Soda, I like little white ears too…. But we’re pretty happy with our choices – good thing….
    Lannae, thanks (I think)

  17. Those were cute and cuddly puppies…I love the color of the white ones with black spots.