We've been having a bit of an argument, chez nous.

We have a fenced in area in the front for the puppies.  Mon mari has been working on the shutters at the back of the house. He's going in and out of the little garden gate constantly, carrying shutters, equipment, etc. 

He's not, however, closing the little garden gate constantly. (Because he's usually carrying stuff.)

The puppies got out yesterday and made it all the way to the sunflowers before he noticed them.

I suggested that he be more careful about closing the gate.

He suggested that I not worry so much; the puppies wouldn't go anywhere.


The sunflower field is huge and the sunflowers are very tall, 7 feet or so, and very dense.  If the puppies ever got in, they'd never find their way out.

This morning they got in.

He said he only left the gate open for a minute.

A minute is all it took.

We called and called.

We squeaked Mr. Squeaky.


Did I mention the sunflower field is huge?

I finally walked to the top of the hill on the road so I could see all around it.

I finally saw them. 

They had just run out of the sunflowers at the far corner. (note circle).

I could see two little white dots, jumping up and down.  They heard me calling….

And immediately ran back into the sunflowers.


By this time I had enlisted the help of the neighbors.  Everyone took a look-out point and I started walking around the sunflowers to where they were last seen.  The blue line shows my path.

and continues on….

They were, naturally, long gone.

We set-up a perimeter – me on the far side, one neighbor on the far road, the other opposite me and mon mari on the roof, watching.

Thirty minutes later we're still pacing, watching and calling.

It's a huge field.

I started to worry that they'd gotten tired and settled in for a nap.  They ARE puppies, after all.

Finally they emerged at the opposite, far end. 

The neighbor saw them and called.

They immediately went back into the sunflowers.


Thanks to the bunnies, the sunflowers weren't very thick there and she managed to head them off and tackle them.

But she didn't have anything to secure them with – no leash or rope. 

So she held on and I dove into the sunflowers to the rescue…. Straigtest path and all that.

I thought it would be easy as I was able to walk in a 'row'. 

Once you get into a field of 7' sunflowers it's not easy….

I held Mickey Mouse straight up above my head so someone could watch my progress and walked down the row until I reached the other side.

I was yellow from the pollen when I emerged.

My neighbor and I eached carried a puppy back to the house.


They've slept the day away after their adventure.


As to mon mari….

Bad Human!!!!!

Very, very bad human!!!!

Maybe he'll remember to close the gate now…..


Puppies lost in the Sunflowers — 12 Comments

  1. oh my gosh but this made me laugh! (as well as panic a bit – I have a puppy too. I’d be worried). Glad everyone is safe and sound.

  2. I saw someone tweet this post on Twitter and so glad I looked. Loved the story (of course the happy ending helps). My dog is 12; the neighbor boy STILL doesn’t get how important closing the side gate is. Puppies or 12…I know the anxiety until they are safe and sound and so glad your effort made sure of both.

  3. Katie,
    I’ve determined the problem here. YOU should not have been chasing after the puppies; the person who let them out should have been doing the chasing. 🙂
    So much fun, and it’s just beginning. 🙂

  4. Glad you got the puppies back. It’s amazing to me how fast even the youngest puppy can be, away to get into mischief in the blink of an eye. I hope Ton Mari learns an important lesson.

  5. So happy you got the puppies back! They are after all little guys who do not know any better. As for the sunflowers? Wow. Gorgeous!

  6. What an adventure for humans and canines. You probably needed walkie talkies or your mobile phones to coordinate this search and rescue ! I would have been filled with panic and then filled with fury at the time wasted ! You sound more patient than me, Katie !

  7. Melissa, very scary at the time. Puppies are not very smart ;-))
    Barbara, when they get out they are clueless as to where they are. That’s why we have gates LOL Thanks for stopping by.
    brassfrog, I totally agree… He actually went in the sunflowers to look – and got lost….
    Zoomie, they really are fast – and with 2, one leads the other and they’re in trouble in seconds.
    Ina, so true. I think they were very scared.
    Belinda, yes they napped the rest of the day… the little angels.
    manningroad, that would have made it easier… but I didn’t want to go inside to look for anything and lose sight of them.

  8. Great story 🙂 The puppies are adorable! I am glad you found them and I agree…. bad human 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  9. Once again, I must apologize. But I’m afraid I can’t stop laughing.
    I wonder if the dogs will be constantly watching the gate for the opportunity to head out for a return adventure in the sunflower field.

  10. Lannae, yes, a big adventure – for the puppies!
    Lori, I was really starting to worry… very relieved when the finally came out.
    Elizabeth, they are… Every time I go out they are right behind me as I latch it. Little devils….