Fish: Salmon, Trout, Cod and Tuna Recipes 

Cod_spanishBacalao a la Marinera (Fisherman’s Cod)
Cod_provenceBaked Cod Provençal
Red-Cooked Cod with Fennel, Carrots and LeeksRed-Cooked Cod with Fennel and Carrots
Cod with PeppersBaked Cod with Red Peppers and Olives
Overn Fried CodOven-Fried Cod with Tartar Sauce
PerchNile Perch with Capers and Lemon
Salmon Chaud FroidSalmon Chaud-Froid
Salmon_noAsian Salmon
Salmon en CrouteSalmon en Croute with Carrots and Fennel
SalmonfinishSalmon en Croute (puff pastry) with Tarragon Cream
Samon_phylloSalmon Baked in Phyllo
Salmon with Lemon and CapersSalmon with Capers and Lemon
Salmon_quinoaSalmon, Cauliflower and Quinoa Gratin
Salmon_gnocchiPan-Fried Salmon in Dill Sauce on Gnocchi
Salmon_capersOven Poached Salmon with Dill Sauce
Pie_salmon_serving Fish Pie with Salmon and Smoked Salmon
Baked Salmon FlorentineBaked Salmon Florentine
KedgereeSmoked Salmon Kedgeree
Salmon with Lemon Yogurt Dill SauceLemon Salmon with Yogurt Dill Sauce
Salmon_lemon_mayoBaked Salmon with Lemon Mayonnaise
Salmon_potatoesSalmon, Smoked Salmon, Potato Gratin
Salmon_peanutRed-Cooked Salmon with Peanut Sauce
Baked Salmon with PeppersBaked Salmon with Red Pepper Relish
Salmon_spinach_filoBaked Salmon and Spinch in Phyllo
Salmon_bean_saladPan-Fried Salmon with White Bean Salad
Salmon_pattiesSalmon Patties with Tarter Sauce
Salmon_tuna_loafSalmon and Tuna Loaf with Tarragon Tarter Sauce
Fish_spanishFillet of Sole España
Tuna_caper_pattiesTuna, Caper and Feta Patties
Tuna Pimiento PattiesTuna Pimiento Patties
Fish Cakes with Peapods and PeppersFish Cakes (Tuna) on Peapods and Peppers
Miso TunaMiso Tuna with Stir-Fried Vegetables
Sesame Tuna with Sushi RiceSesame Tuna Steaks with Sushi Rice

Fish on the Barbecue

Cod_dillGrilled Cod with Caper and Green Olive Tarter Sauce
Cod_mustardGrilled Cod with Horseradish Sauce
Cod_smokedLightly Smoked Cod
Kebabs_salmonSalmon Kebabs
Salmon_lemon_smokedHome-Smoked Salmon
Salmon_barbecuedBarbecued Salmon
Salmon-chive-sauceGrilled Salmon with Chive Sauce
Grilled Glazed SalmonGrilled, Glazed Salmon
Grilled Salmon, Mediterranean SalsaGrilled Salmon with Mediterranean Salsa
Salmon_spinachGrilled Salmon on Fresh Spinach
salmon_misoGrilled Salmon with Miso Sherry Sauce
Grilled Salmon, Red Onion ConfitGrilled Salmon with Red Onion Confit
Grilled Salmon, Tarragon MayonnaiseSalmon with Tarragon Mayonnaise
Grilled Miso SalmonGrilled Miso Salmon
Salmon_tarragon_tomatoSalmon with Tomato Tarragon Salsa
TroutGrilled Trout with Lemon and Thyme
Barbecued TunaGrilled, Barbecued Tuna
Grilled Tuna with PestoGrilled Tuna with Pesto
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