Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends - Miscellaneous Recipes, Food Tips, Garden info….

Dip, Salsa and Sauce Recipes

Aioli Aioli / allioli
Béchamel Sauce
Dip Dill Dip, with Greek Yogurt
Hummus Hummus
Mushroom_sauce Cream of Mushroom Sauce
Mustard_sauce The Best Mustard Sauce
Mustard_chive Mustard and Chive Sauce
Olive_sauce Olive and Shallot Relish
Pesto Sauce Traditional Homemade Pesto
pesto_rosso Pesto Rosso
Tomato_avocado_sauce Tomato Avocado Salsa
Tomato_olive_salsa Tomato Olive Salsa
Tomato_salsa Tomato Pepper Salsa
Chicken_ginger_bbq Ginger Barbecue Sauce
Asparagus_pea Fresh Pea Sauce
Freshtomato Fresh Tomato Sauce

Pickle Recipes

Beetsjar Pickled Beets
Dill_pickles Garlic Dill Pickles
Fridge_pickles Refrigerator Pickles
Pickled_beans Pickled Green Beans


Cranberrysauce1 Gingered Cranberry Sauce
Quince2 Quince Jam
Chard_bars Mushroom Chard and Cheese Bars
Tomato_bread Tomato Bread
White Wine Sangria White Wine Sangria

Food Tips

11 foods you should eat

Alliums - shallots, onions, garlic…



Barbecue Grill and Smoker Tips

Bases for Creamy Soups

Calcium, Sources and Ideas

Cooking for Twoguidelines on portions

Counting calories: an opinion

Calories and Portions: Meat

Cheese  and Cheese Sauces


Dairy Comparisons

Dairy, Types

Eggs, to refrigerate or not


Fats, the Good and the Not so Good

Green Garlic

Using Herbs,

Milk: Good or Bad?

Nuts: Health benefits and cooking tips

How to make Pasta and Gnocchi

Smoking (and grilling)

Using SpicesBlending Spices

Sweet Potatoes v Yams

Wine, Cooking with

Preserving the Harvest

Asparagus: storing and tips

Cherry tomatoes: oven roasting

Green Beans, Growing and Freezing

Preserving Herbs, freezing

Pumpkins and Squashes: storing and freezing

Freezing Tomatoes

Zucchini, Freezing

Garden Tips:

The Compost Pile

The Herb Garden

The Planning

The Weeds

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