Recipes for Rice and Grain Side Dishes

Rice Side Dishes

FavarisottoRisotto with Fresh Fava Beans
Risotto_mushroomMushroom Risotto
Parsley RisottoParsley Risotto
RicottarisottoRicotta Risotto
RisottocakeRisotto al Salto
Basmati_mushroomsBasmati Rice with Mushrooms

      Ride and Vegetable Side Dishes 

RisibisiRisi e Bisi
Broccoli_riceBroccoli Rice Gratin
Basmati Rice and Chard GratinBasmati, Chard Gratin
Fried_riceFried Rice
Fried Rice with Green GarlicFried Rice with Green Garlic
Fried RiceFried Rice with Peas and Snow Peas
Bsfried-riceFried Rice with Brussels Sprouts
Savoy_fried_riceFried Rice with Savoy Cabbage
Carrot_rice_gratinBasmati Rice and Carrot Gratin
Rice_chard_bakeBasmati Rice and Chard Gratin
Rice_beans_asianRed Beans and Rice, Asian Style
Rice_florentineBrown Rice Florentine
Brown_rice_mangetoutSesame Brown Rice with Snow Peas (Mangetout)
Butternut_riceButternut Squash, Leek and Rice Gratin

Grain Side Dishes: Barley, Quinoa, Wild Rice

Barley and Butternut Squash GratinBarley and Butternut Squash Gratin
Barley_chivesBarley with Chives
Barley_feta Barley with Feta, Greek Olives and Browned Shallots
Barley_mushroomBarley with Mushroom Cream
Barley_pilafBarley Pilaf
Barley_red_onionBarley with Red Onions and Black Olives
Barley_risottoBarley, Risotto Style, with Green Garlic
Barley-capreseBarley with Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Wild_rice_mushroomsWild Rice with Mushrooms

 Grain Side Dishes with Vegetables 

Barley_chardCreamy Barley and Chard Gratin
Barley_zucchiniBarley, Zucchini and Goat Cheese Gratin
Barley_zucchiniBarley with Zucchini and Tomato
Quino_red_lentilQuinoa, Basmati and Red Lentil Pilaf

Polenta Side Dishes

Butternut Squash PolentaButternut Squash Polenta
Creamy Polenta with Bacon and SageCreamy Polenta with Bacon and Sage
Polenta_friesPolenta Fries
SquashPolenta and Butternut Squash Gratin
HerbpolentaCreamy Herbed Polenta
Polenta_cakesPolenta Cakes
Polenta_cakePolenta and Cheese Timbales with Caramelized Shallots
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