Recipes for Pasta, Rice and Grain Salad Side Dishes

Pasta Vegetable Salads:

Green Bean and Tomato Pasta SaladGreen Bean and Tomato Pasta Salad
BratcabbagepastaWarm Cabbage Pasta Salad
OrientalOriental Pasta Salad
Primavera_saladPasta Primavera Salad
Pepper_pasta_saladRoasted Pepper Pasta Salad
Pasta_tonnatoPasta with Tonnato Sauce (Tuna Mayonnaise)
Courgette_pasta_peanut_saucWarm Zucchini (Courgette) Pasta Salad with Peanut Dressing

Polenta and Couscous Salads

Couscous_feta_pilafCouscous Feta Pilaf
Couscous_spinachCouscous, Spinach and Green Bean Salad
Polenta_saladPolenta Salad

Rice Salads and Summer Pilafs

Basmati_cherry_basilBasmati Rice Summer Pilaf
Brown_rice_spinachBrown Rice and Spinach Pilaf
BrricepilafBrown Rice Pilaf
RicepilafsaladBrown Rice Pilaf Salad
Rice_courgette_saladOriental Zucchini (Courgette) and Brown Rice Salad

Grains: Barley and Quinoa Salads

Warm Barley and Chard SaladWarm Barley and Chard Salad
Barley Pepper SaladBarley Salad with Red and Green Peppers
Barley_spring_pilafBarley Pilaf with Spring Vegetables
Quinoa_avocadoQuinoa and Avocado Salad
Quinoa_pilaf_tomatoesQuinoa Pilaf
Quinoa_lentil_saladQuinoa Pilaf and Lentil Salad
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