Why? Why Not?

I don't know if it's an urban myth or not but I have always liked the story of the university Philosophy prof.'s final exam question of "Why?".   All students but one wrote lengthy treatises on the meaning of life (42), the existence of God, etc.  The one student, who received the sole  'A' on the exam, simply wrote "Why not?" 
That is why I am starting this blog.  I have a website, www.thymeforcooking.com which takes care of one passion – cooking.  The other thing I love to do is tell stories.  At parties, where everyone else is telling one-liners, I am telling, long, involved (hopefully funny) true-life stories….or feghoots, or shaggy-dog stories, or…you get the picture.  After 10 years of living in Europe I have too many stories.  Daily life has a bizarre way of happening to a bumbling expat.  For example, I now know that the French do not put 'preservatif' into their food.  Thank god – a 'preservatif' is a condom.  The correct word is 'conservateur'.  Can  you imagine the image in all those French minds?
So, this will be the outlet for my stories: on life, travel, food and mishaps living in foreign parts – Ireland, Andorra and, now France.

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