Dog Meat? or Meat for Dogs?

It is in the supermarkets and the small local food shops that one notices the most striking differences between life abroad and life in the Midwest.  In all villages and cities there are greengrocers: selling only fruit and vegetables; fishmongers selling only fish; various meat shops: selling chicken and other fowl; pork and sausage; beef; etc.  At the opposite end, large supermarkets (or hypermarkets) are becoming more common – in fact they are everywhere in France.  They are huge, selling everything from car accessories to sporting goods to clothes to food – and they are normally located in a mall!  In a typical French supermarket there will be pictures of animals in the meat department to let you know what you are buying: a cow above the beef & veal; a sheep above the lamb & mutton; a pig above the pork & sausage; a chicken above the chicken, turkey, pigeon and quail; and (less common in other countries) a horse above the, ah, horse; a goat above the goat and kid and a rabbit above the rabbit and hare.  In December, as I was looking at the special holiday offerings: venison, bison, ostrich, kangaroo, pheasant, partridge, wild boar, among others I glanced up and saw pictures of a dog and cat.  My heart was screaming 'nooooo' for a full 3 seconds before I realized that it was (also common in French markets) the section that sold meat scraps for cats and dogs….the fresh pet food section.

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