La Abandonada

Sedi_7 I am a dog lover, always have been.  However, after 25 years of various animals I was thoroughly enjoying a 'pet-free' life in Andorra.  The neighbor's dogs were available if I felt the urge to pet something but if my husband suggested a few days in Barcelona we were off with no worries.  Freedom!  It was lovely!  Because Andorra did not have a policy of killing putting down stray animals both the French and the Spanish used it as a bit of a guilt-free dumping ground for unwanted pets.  They'd bring them in, tie them to a tree or fence and drive off.  One morning there was an emaciated, German Shepherd and 'something', dog sleeping on our terrace.  My husband went out to chase her away and got severely put in his place…it was no longer our  terrace.  After a few days I was able to coax her into the drive with a bit of meat.  She had a chewed-off rope around her neck and no identification.   From that moment on she was ours.  She took over the protection of her new house and allowed no one free passage – which meant that the neighbors were frequently trapped between the garbage dumpsters at the end of the lane and our house unless they remembered the requisite piece of ham.  The human inhabitants of her house were tolerated as the dispensers of food, nothing more.  Over time she grew somewhat fond of us and when we moved to France honored us by moving with us.  She now has 5 acres to protect from the vicious intrusion of rabbits, doves and other assorted terrors.  She is, by far, the smartest, most independent dog, we have had in our lives…but, then, the dumb ones don't live long…. as 'abandonados' 

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