The Saga of the Titre de Sejour, French Paperwork in 4-parts. Part I

We finally have official permission to live here, in France.  Our Titre de Sejour (Carte de Sejour Temporaire) was issued last week.  It only took two years!  It’s supposed to take two months but apparently, we were ‘fast-tracked’.  But wait, there's more….it expired on Feb. 17, 2006.  In case you are unable to get your mind around the intricacies of French bureaucracy, (or believe that I can't get my fingers around a keyboard), our ‘Titre’ expired 1 month before it was issued…wait, correctly, it expired 1 month before it was typed, it was actually issued 1 year and 1 month before it was typed.  Can’t you just hear whoever did the paperwork giggling as they put in the dates?  With our ‘Titre’ we were handed the blue documents to commence the renewal process and instructed to make certain that we had all of our documents submitted 2 months prior to the expiration date.   Bien sûr! (But of course!)
To be fair, some of this is our fault.  When we left Andorra we wrote to the French Consulate and asked if, after having lived in Andorra for 7 years (with President Chirac as one of its co-princes), we still needed a visa to move to France.  No response.  We wrote again.  They said ‘We answered that question the first time you asked and the answer is the same!’.  Apparently, as they knew the answer they saw no reason for us to know as well.  So, in typical ostrich-fashion, we put our heads in the sand, said to h___ with it and moved.  A month after moving we filed our papers.  They came back: “You need an entry visa.”  We argued our case (which, by the way is both a complete waste of time and incredibly stupid…never argue with a bureaucrat with a rubber stamp.  If they need to have a particular piece of paper to affix their stamp to they will have it!  They simply close the file until the proper paper triggers its re-opening and they can use their stamp.)
Fine, we'll get the visa.       Part II on Wednesday

3 thoughts on “The Saga of the Titre de Sejour, French Paperwork in 4-parts. Part I”

  1. A really nice blog but if you really want trouble in France and to take months and months off hassle then try renovating a property in south west france . It may be worth it when finished but a saga like this will be enough to kill the average person. The plethora of administration from France Telecom to EDF to …. the water company is simply unbelievable. It makes dealing with the local artisans a pleasure.

  2. Ahh, rest assured we’ve had our share of tangles with planning permissions and our own renovations. I know what you are talking about! This was just the tip of the iceburg

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