Life’s a Beach…. or should be once in a while

Emma160 Sedi160 As I sit at my desk to begin the work for the day (today is ‘computer day’ vs. yesterday which was ‘weeding day’ – god my life is regimented…..and boring!) first the little brown dog (75 lbs/35 kilos) comes running up the stairs to see if it’s time for second walk.  Disappointed to see me still drinking coffee, she leaves.  Then the big white dog (150lbs/70 kilos) comes bounding up, nudges me for a cuddle (she’s very affectionate…and demanding as only big dogs can be)and to remind me about second walk.  When I don’t jump up, she gives me the stink eye and settles in to wait…and enjoy first nap.  Next it’s mon mari, at a more sedate pace, suggesting a trip to the market in search of the last of the artichokes, asparagus and strawberries and maybe the first of the local haricot vert (green beans) and melon.  As long as we would be out, he continues, why don’t we take the dogs for a run on the beach…..and maybe a picnic lunch?  We can pick up bread, pate and cheese at the market….
As I gaze out my window at another perfect summer day that I was planning on wasting on work, (not that I don’t love working on my site and playing on my blog and kneeling in the dirt pulling weeds…wait, I hate that last bit!) I decide to break free from the German work ethic thing has me in its grip and just say ‘non!’. Today we will be true Mediterraneans…today we play in the sun and sand. 
That’s a long way of saying: "This is it for today, folks, I’m off to the beach to play with my guy and the girls…..later!"

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