Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Oh My! Using and Preserving the Harvest — 3 Comments

  1. YUm! Pickle chips! That is a great idea. I’m in tomato overload right now, just making sauces as fast as I can for this winter. We also get cantaloup overload, any ideas on what to do with them? We are sick of eating them…

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment on the cucumber salad. My grandmother always made something very similar to this. Her family background is that her grandparents were Amish and had come from the Jura region of France in the 1830’s, when the second Napolean was conscripting people. Before that they’d been in the Berne area of Switzerland, and several centuries before that in Austria. She says her own granma gave her the recipe, and she’d grown up eating it. So it’s old.
    Her version is that it’s a thinly-sliced onion instead of a shallot; and it’s a mix of vinegar and cream for the dressing. But it is very refreshing on a hot day!
    We have a thing called a “Bluffton Slaw Cutter” that is kind of like one of the inserts of a mandolin, but you can hold it upright on a plate and the slices just fall out the back. Mine was my great-grandmother’s. I am hoping to find two more so my kids can each have one when they grow up. Grandma told me that when she was growing up, they used to make barrels of slaw using it (as well as giant dishes of what they called Googoomer Salat).
    Nice to have a good recipe for it! It was a hit with everyone, including the baby.

  3. My mother’s maternal grandparents were Swiss. She also makes her cucumber salad with onions, vinegar and cream but I can never get her recipe to taste the same as when she makes it…. And I always have yogurt in the fridge but rarely cream! She likes to eat cucumber salad on top of buttered, boiled potatoes – the origins of sour cream with baked potatoes?