The Hot Pink Shower

In French Decorating I described our 3 little pink bathroom 'rooms' before mon mari attacked them with his brand new sledge hammer.  I like the color pink and all of it's variations well enough in nature, and even in sweaters, but I have never been fond of it on walls.  A baby girl's bedroom is fine, but in a house shared by 2 adults of opposite sexes I prefer other colors.  I like blues and greens and mon mari likes natural wood.  In keeping with the jungle motif in the hallway we decided that our new bathroom should be in shades of 'sea green'.  Bathnew200 Even with the combining of three former rooms, it was still going to be a small bathroom and oddly shaped as well.  There was no room for a bathtub let alone a tub and a shower, which is what we had hoped for.  We opted for the largest prefab shower enclosure we could find.  Since we would be without a proper bathroom (we had a toilet in the garage) for the duration, we didn't want to spend the time building and tiling one (we being mon mari doing the work and moi complaining about the lack of amenities).  Off we went to the D.I.Y shops, and, after much searching, found the perfect shower.  We loaded it up, took it home and stored it in the garage until the right moment.  Finally, it's time!  I was in the kitchen scrubbing cabinets when mon mari walked in with a stricken look on his face.  "It's pink" he said.  I gave him a blank look "What's pink?"  "The shower" he mumbled.  I assumed he was teasing me since I had been ranting and raving about how much I hated those pink bathrooms for weeks.  I laughed.  He said "It's not funny"  I quit laughing and ran outside.  Sure enough there was a pink shower.  Not just any old pink but bright, hot pink!  It could not have been any more pink!  It screamed it's pinkness!.  I didn't now whether to laugh or cry.  We carefully inspected it.  Still pink! It could have been any other color, but no! Pink! It was obviously a mistake.  We hadn't noticed any pink ones in the showroom.  We must have misunderstood or misspoke.  Our French was not very good but surely I would have not said 'rose' when explaining what we wanted.  This was beyond my capabilities to explain so we called a friend who called the store to explain that we would be returning it because it was pink.  My dreams of a hot shower were not to be fulfilled quite yet.  The next day our friend called back.  (F.Y.I.: Our friend is not a D.I.Y. person)  In between fits of laughter he explained the the 'pink' was actually a protective layer of film over the properly white material. Corner200_2  They made the film hot pink so that people would notice it (kind of hard not to) and remember to remove it after installation.  Perhaps if we had read the directions (in French, and they were directions anyway, so naturally mon mari immediately tossed them out) we would have known.  Once again, foiled by language.  The short delay in shower installation give mon mari time to start this lovely corner linen cabinet that just fits opposite the shower.  Something to make me feel better after all those weeks of nightly trips to the garage…

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