La Vendange, Part 2: The Red….and who scrubs the stink bugs? — 4 Comments

  1. Katie,
    Your mention of the bugs on the grapes reminds me why I don’t eat partridgeberries anymore. My wife and I picked some a few years ago and put them in a bowl of water and went back awhile later to find a horde of tiny worms swimming for their lives. Apparently these berries shouldn’t be picked until after the first frost. I never found out if the worms vacate the berries before the frost or they die in the berry adding protein to whatever desert they find themselves in.

  2. Mike,
    I’m a bit the same about picking mushrooms. A friend was teaching me which ones to pick and said to make sure the cap was mostly closed and the frills a bright pink….’cause when they turn brown the maggots are about to hatch….

  3. Thanks for sharing, Katie! But nothing will keep me from enjoying a glass of red tonight on this dark wet evening in the Badger State.

  4. All of this just blows me away……there is so much work involved! Makes me want to take very long pauses between the sips of wine……just to enjoy every drop ………