Moules Frites at the ‘Restaurant at the End of the (French) Universe’

Moules250Pre-Script: We just watched the movie "Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" If you haven't read the books, don't bother with the movie – you won't get it.  If you have, the movie's a hoot and really done quite well!
We had another beautiful day (after a day of solid rain) and another lovely bike ride.  It's such a treat to ride in France, or anywhere in Europe, for that matter.  Persons on bikes are treated as if they belong on the road.  To use an American term: they have a right to be there.  Unlike my experience in the U.S. where I used to get honked at, yelled at: 'Get off the damn road!', and, occasionally, used as skill practice: 'Let's see how close we can get to her handlebars without tipping her over!'  Here the cars and trucks patiently wait, with their blinkers on signaling intent to pass, until they can legally and safely pass.  I have to admit it's both a bit scary and a bit of a power trip to have a line of lorries steaming down my neck, waiting for Restaurant200 the 2 bikes coming towards to get passed so they can swerve out and pass me. It's the little things….
We drove to the coast, La Tranche Sur Mer and started our ride there, cycling along the coast towards La Rochelle.  As it is 'Le Rentree' or "Back to School" next week (or today) it was a bit quieter.  We were trying to stay along the beach and ended up going down this very, very, long dead-end road.  At the end (or almost) sits this tiny restaurant, all alone.  The menu?  Moules Frites, 7 different ways, for 8 euros.  We didn't indulge.  As much as I love a big bowl of moules,Ride200  a platter of frites and the accompanying bottle of rose I didn't think it would do much for the 2 hour journey back to the car.  Besides, in true mid-western fashion, we had our lunch waiting.  Not a proper French lunch, with cloth-covered table and chairs, proper plates and silver, wine and water, and carefully prepared 'pique-nique foods, but a good old playmate cooler, Cooler_1thrown-together sandwiches, a bit of leftover potato salad, some homemade dill pickles, the last of the cucumber salad, some fresh tomatoes from the garden and, that staple of American cuisine, Diet Coke.  The amazing thing is how good this simple, unpretentious, nothing special, wouldn't serve it to friends lunch can taste after 3 hours of riding in the fresh air along the beach.Path200
And after gobbling down the food we walked through the dunes for dessert:  the view… 
Post-Script:  So long….and thank for all the fish!

3 thoughts on “Moules Frites at the ‘Restaurant at the End of the (French) Universe’”

  1. Looks like an ideal place for a bike ride and picnic. I have family roots in the LaRochelle area, but I have not visited there. Someday!
    It’s “La Rentree” here next week, too.

  2. Even though I never read the books, I loved the movie “Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.”
    I grew up in a city (Toronto) where all drivers (or so it seemed) wanted or felt a need to run over all pedestrians and bike riders. Another good reason to visit France I can ride my bike without feeling I have a target on my back.

  3. It is really a shame that people just can’t share the highway…..even sharing the earth would be nice! We have rude,rude people here in the states who get behind the steering wheel and change personalities! I would have enjoyed the ride with you!

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