Bugs in the Pud… Life is Not a Sterile Environment — 5 Comments

  1. It’s funny how living away from sterile America can relax one when it comes to food. I now just cut fresh figs in half and if nothing’s moving, I pop it in my mouth. And when it comes to cherries, I don’t even look anymore for the little white wiggly parts you can sometimes see if you take just a small bite, better to eat them whole and spit the pit out later.

  2. Boy are you correct………everyone makes such a big deal about the little things/critters that we share this earth with if they are attached someway to the food presented……many people in the US make spectacles of themselves generally over nothing in restaurants all over ….it’s fun to watch them wiggle for while!

  3. Oh, Katie, you are on a roll! That Midwestern humor is still intact. So much easier to flick the bug away.
    Someone once said, “You’ve got to eat a peck of dirt sometime.” I am sure I have.

  4. This is very interesting because I did get a piece of “plomb” in my serving of the pheasant I ate today. I found it interesting. There’s no way to completely eliminate the chance of getting buck shot in anything wild and hunted.