Right Thought, Wrong Word: Brown Sugar Sandwich Anyone? — 6 Comments

  1. This can be really frustrating at times, like the other day when I went into a boulangerie with a friend and the poor girl said “je voudrais un baguette” and the woman could not figure out what she wanted – all because she said “un” and not “une”. I felt really bad for her – I mean, come on, that lady could’ve at least made an effort.

  2. I love the process of doing something that allows your mind to wander, ponder and think long thoughts. Keep on weeding, Katie! I would hope that those who purposefully do not try to understand a person who is obviously not speaking their native language, yet trying nonetheless, are few and far between. I have a word for them, which begins with an A, has two s’s and a hole at the end.

  3. I used to mow our 5 acres, a push mower, when we lived in Seattle….man did I have time to think. About 5 hours worth. Great way to clear the head.Words do have a way of playing games with us………

  4. Sam
    I’ve run into big variations with ‘French’ helpfulness, from smiling correction (‘une baguette’ repeated several times) to what happened to your friend – a Gallic shrug and incomprehension. Sad, ins’t it?
    Jan & Christine
    I’ve no choice but to continue weeding – and all that goes with it…..

  5. Good points, Katie.
    ABout brown sugar sandwiches — I seem to recall having those as a child. But I’d prefer Braunschweiger myself.
    You were a precocious kid.
    I will have to practice articles before we come back to France. And endings. Oh, zut, I’ve just got to improve my French!

  6. Katie,
    I can remember my mother making me a brown sugar sandwich. I didn’t like the gritty feeling of the sugar mixed with the bread. As I remember, it was like eating sweet sand.