Pet Names – how many do you have? — 3 Comments

  1. This is so cute….you have a way to get the chuckles out of me….another dog lover,too. Lady Hamilton is a jewel!

  2. Katie,
    Your point about the yell factor reminded me about the time when my wife and I were living in an apartment and we heard this woman yelling for her parrot, who apparently had flown the coop. We went out on our balcony and listened to this woman yell from her balcony, “Orville! Orville! Orville! Come here Orville! She did this over and over for the longest time while the bird ignored her until he flew out of sight.

  3. my little dog has about a million nicknames because he is a huge brat and annoying as hell, but great on a cold night. I nicknamed him monkey butt when he was 3 months old because his butt looks like one. This has degraded to little butt. Most recently he has turned to squeaking and screeching at high octaves when he is scared, panicked, wanting attention so he is called squeak or pipsqueak.