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Weeding and Snails; Procrastination and Escargots — 3 Comments

  1. Would it even be possible to eat the “garden variety” snail? Or are ALL snails “garden variety”? The “spring factor” always has to be in the equation when weeding those messy iris’s. I am always so thankful I left them in the ground, come May and June!

  2. These are the kind you eat. There is a long preperation (I’m told): feeding them oatmeal for 2 or 3 days to clean the digestive track, various washings, etc. It’s one of those things I like to pretend just miraculously appears in garlic butter. I don’t really want the details.
    When we lived in Andorra, our neighbor popped them into her pocket whenever she saw one – para la sopa (for the soup)

  3. I am looking for snail revenge – enjoyed your blog. I so understand your weeding. I must weed between aloes and believe me, they bite with those teeth. My hands look like I been in a war zone. ;-D No weeds no garden sighhh