Champagne or Sauterne….such decisions! — 6 Comments

  1. I LOVE foie gras. And I think the whole ban on it over here is ridiculous.
    I’ve never made foie gras this way before; the most I’ve done is unwrapped it and sliced it. Mmm. God, I love foie gras.

  2. It is soooooooooooo good! I made it with peeled grapes this year, but next year I will make some walnut bread, that is a great idea. Yummmm, still thinking about it.
    Happy New Year!!!!!
    PS Come on over, bring your fois gras and I will share my truffles 😉

  3. I would walk through horrids of snow mounds,racing rivers-anything for some fresh pan seared foie gras-who wouldn’t? One of my dear friends makes this for me when I come to visit her in France. It is such a special occassion for me when I have it. I will be visiting her next month-gosh I hope she is planning to fix this for me. If not,I may be knocking at your door!