Five Things Mon Mari Doesn’t Know About Holidays — 9 Comments

  1. Men lack the shopping gene, that’s true. But really, I think I would begin hyperventilating at MOA — just too much. I would actually be scared I’d go wild there.
    About McDonalds, we went to one in France to keep mon mari happy. Did we order Croque McDo? Non, non. We had plain old hamburgers and fries.
    My husband is just like that at American supermarkets. But he enjoyed LeClerc. Go figure.
    Sounds like you’re having a good time, Katie!

  2. Hilarious–this is USUALLY my DH, too. But once in a great while he decides we should go to the mall as a family. With kids in tow. And then we end up spending 1/2 hour in Yankee Candles, because he and the kids must smell EVERY SINGLE CANDLE variety! I know that there are some I don’t care for, so I skip them. Not the rest of the bunch.
    Honestly, it is fun; a lot more fun than just buying the thing at the first store he sees. And this is a *must* for him on vacation. I guess he has a little of the shopping gene!
    Hope you have fun on your trip!

  3. He’s much better if he knows I won’t be buying anything….like windowshopping when the stores are closed..

  4. Katie,
    I’m left scratching my head. I know you are criticizing “mon mari”, however after several careful readings of your post I must confess I still don’t see what he has done wrong.

  5. I think mon mari spent the whole afternoon at Camp Snoopy with the girls the one time we went together, I don’t think that exists anymore.