Small Town Fine Dining…An Oxymoron? Not Anymore! — 4 Comments

  1. As usual, you are spot on, Katie! The “casual French” restaurant in my town lasted for about five years, then closed a year ago. The chefs were always from France, the food was always good, but the locals got the idea it was too expensive. In truth, it was comparable to another good restaurant where the chef is a local, too (oh, but a good one – I mean his food is excellent!).
    Anyway, the prices were a little lower than “Nosh” — love the name — but otherwise, same old same old. Only a handful of locals went, etc. What a pity!

  2. Thomas, the short answer is by way of Ireland and Andorra. The long answer is a long story….but we love the new experiences of having lived in all 3 countries. The earth is a big planet, might as well see some of it!