Three Dog Night…Two Dog Day…

We're partially back.  The two humans are accounted for as are the two, carefully measured, cabin bags alloted us.  Oh yes, the 'small plastic bag containing liquids' also arrived safely.  Our checked baggage, not having seen enough of the world in our company, decided to do a bit more traveling.  I thought it was rather nice that both bags decided to take the extra detour together….usually it's only mine and mon mari gets to gloat.  I have been assured by the ruler of the 'kingdom of lost luggage' that they will arrive sometime yesterday.  Apparently they have perfected time travel as well.  I wait. 

The girl dogs decided to stay in their posh hotel for two more nights. The kennel is closed on Thursday (?) and we were too late on Wednesday to get them, what with the lost luggage declarations and all.  Of course, mon mari very efficiently put the parking ticket to redeem our car in the top pocket of his suitcase….the one he checked….so we had to fill out a 'lost parking ticket' report too.  After we explained that our car was parked in the further-most corner of the long-term lot furthest from the building we were asked for the car's documents, which were in the car.  Who says French bureaucrats don't have a sense of humor? 

It was cold too; frost and everything.  No wonder the girls decided to stay in their 'Pensione Canine'.  They had nice, warm, heated floors under their beds.  We came home to a frozen house.  Okay, I exaggerate: the internal temperature was 2C (34F), but it felt really cold!  The 'nice' thing about old stone houses is they stay cool in summer.  The 'not nice' thing is that it takes forever to heat up those stone walls in winter if they have been left to get really cold.  Like ours.  We've had the furnace running for almost two full days and a lovely fire roaring in the fireplace, plus small electric heaters and the big kerosene heater from mon mari's workshop.  The temperature in my office has just hit a balmy 17C (64F).  Of course, we have to be careful with the electric heaters.  No, not fire hazards.  The upstairs electrical was not put on a new circuit so if we turn them on high it blows the power.  Or if we try to turn on two at the same time.  Or the hair dryer and one at the same time.  Or the curling iron.

Fortunately, that last year I was in Minnesota I took up crocheting and made about a dozen afghans.  We've been wearing them like abayas; quite fetching, I might add.  We look like rather colorful, striped nuns. We piled them on the bed and that helped a bit; the fact that we have an unheated water bed (the tube kind) with icy water in it did not help at all. 

I was hoping to post some new photos today but, alas, all the cables are in my luggage; along with the other important stuff: Jolly Ranchers, Green Chilis and Good Earth Cinnamon Spice Herbal Tea (I could really use a cup right now). 

Mon mari should be home soon with the dogs.  I'll assume they will be tired, like normal, and spend the day napping in my office.  They'll generate some heat.  It's a 'two-dog day' here in the Vendee.  Fingers are going numb…..that's all for today….

3 thoughts on “Three Dog Night…Two Dog Day…”

  1. Jolly Ranchers, yum, I had forgotten all about those!!
    Stay warm, glad that made it back safe and sound and hopefully the valises will arrive someday soon in tact.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Don’t you love it when your luggage goes on a trip without you? We feared that last time. Mon mari did leave his jacket at the house in the Quercy for two months. Lucky jacket: we did get it back. (We’re going back, though, in 2008. So much of France to see, so little vacation time. Love the French sense of humor.

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