Make Them Stop……Please! — 11 Comments

  1. Hey, I definitely think it’s a problem with Yahoo, and I’ve heard from tons of other people that they are having problems too. I haven’t been able to access yahoo anything from 6pm to midnight every night this week. No email, no yahoo groups, no nothing. It’s super annoying too, because all of my bookmarks are in the yahoo toolbar, plus, the evening is when I communicate with The Company back in the US. Sometimes I am able to get in by signing in at, but not always. I didn’t think of trying the French site though.

  2. Katie,
    I’m not sure but I think the people you dealt with, is why God made shotguns.

  3. It’s nice to know that it’s Yahoo and not me….And I thought I was so special…
    Why can’t they grasp the fact that we’re adults? I, for one, would be less upset if they admitted they were having ‘difficulties’. At least I could stop driving myself crazy!

  4. AH, that is what i heard!! You are a wiley one going in the backdoors, I am calling you for all my computer problems in the future!!
    Glad that they got their act together…now can you help me find a lost package of stationary from Canada?

  5. So between you and me, we’ve made quite a noise here in France! Fortunately – and at least for the moment – I’ve got my internet sorted out…although I did have to make yet another noise today about it…at least it was a victory sound!

  6. Even here in the states, an 800 number can be right from the pit of hell! Put on hold, elevator muzak, and an annoying voice on the other end after 20 minutes of waiting, telling you that they can’t help you, after all!