Melted Cheese….Potatotoes Savoyard — 10 Comments

  1. ooo, that’s a good question. for now, i’d have to say pasta, cheese, and garlic. but it’s a question that merits further thought!

  2. Well, one thing would be potatoes – I really wouldn’t want to be without dishes like this one. This looks wonderful.

  3. These potatoes look awesome! My favourite way to have them is like this!
    My husband is an ex-Wisconsinite too, from Door County and LaCrosse…

  4. Ok, just the thought of anything “savoyarde” makes my mouth water! Tartiflette? Fondue? I miss those stinky cheese laden dishes! I think cheese, wine and bread are my three. I’ll have to try your lightened recipe!

  5. This is odd. My name is on a comment I didn’t make and the comment I did make is under Mimi’s name. You do have ghosts in your machine!