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Risotto….and other Sacrifices… — 9 Comments

  1. That sounds really yummy. I just made my first risotto last night actually – it was salmon risotto à l’orange, and it was pas mal.

  2. Ah, well confession is good for the sole if not the waist line. Yes I do the same. The act of eating at the sink brightens the spirit.
    Hooray for computer resolutions!

  3. I inhale risotto. I like the bowl, too.
    So, I see from your sidebar Colman Andrews has a cookbook. How could I miss this? I need to find a job that pays a lot, allows me to go to France and involves food.

  4. Always enjoy this dish and yours looks extremely appetizing!I think this is really good the next day,too-happy to have you running full force again!

  5. Hi there Katie! I’ve been away for a few days, unable to read my favorite bloggers, and am just now catching up. I love your risotto and just happen to have some prosciutto in the fridge. I must confess to never having made risotto yet. Can you believe it?
    Your recipe will change all that. I must give it a try.

  6. Risotto is absolutely the best way to use up the odd bits in the fridge….if only I didn’t eat so much when I make it…

  7. Risotto is usually served as the first course, but I’m happy to have double servings of your risotto and forget about the rest!

  8. Gattina
    I know that is how it’s SUPPOSED to be done…but everytime I tried serving it as a first course I ate too much for anything else.
    My choices were: discipline (nah) or just risotto….
    When we’re in Italy we eat properly….