Eating: A Full Sensory Experience — 6 Comments

  1. That’s a great post! We recently rented a DVD, Wine tasting for dummies kind of title with John Cleese hosting. One of the things he did was give people wine where they couldn’t see the color – nobody could tell if it was white or red!

  2. You are completely right. I have various family members (which suggest that one has learnt from the other) who will not eat anything with a white sauce on it! But if you serve the same sauce with a little colouring in it, no problem! Eaten with gusto!

  3. What a great subject to write about! We all have some very strange quirks, don’t we! I had to laugh out loud read ing your comment about the pate-what a hoot1 I bet it tasted really good-

  4. Your wild boar pate looks as appetizing as my liver pate, but oh baby…sure tastes good!!
    As for the Coke…I’ve tried to stay away from soda pop in the last year or two, but Coke, the real thing, with all the sugar, is so sickeningly sweet, I couldn’t choke it down! (unless I thought it was Grape Nehi!!)

  5. Tanna – I’ve heard of that but not seen it or tried it
    Freya – I once worked with a woman who wouldn’t eat anything green – no salads, green beans, key lime pie…
    Jann – pate was lovely
    Cindy – I’m afraid I’m a Coke Light drinker – I haven’t had a real one in so long I doubt if I could drink it