Hello, It’s Me….or is it I? — 12 Comments

  1. Minds are a funny thing, I do wonder how I get to thinking of somethings…thanks for the laughs 🙂

  2. Hi Katie, just stopped by your place and well I simply had to say hi! I live here in WI..very very near the stateline with MN….about an hour away from the twin cities…so nice to meet you!

  3. Katie,
    Why am I not surprised that the wife of your British friend did not tell her husband about the word la verge. I believe we husbands are nothing but sport for our wives.

  4. I think people here in the U.S. like to use many words….so that we are not compared to that idiot president of ours who only know about 4 words………I appreciate your humor!

  5. Hi Katie, Remember Me? It’s I!
    This post has great timing for me: This week when I called my mom she said, “Who’s this?” So I guess I better stop saying “It’s Me!” (or call Mom more often…)

  6. Katie, your posts always make me laugh! You have such a similar sense of humour to my husband (although I don’t think he spends much time dwelling on his wilted corsage), must a Wisconsin trait!

  7. Yep, I remember an embarassing incident in France: Trying on jeans in a shop, finding they were too tight, then telling the clerk they were “trop grands,” prompting her to bring me…a smaller pair. When I repeated that the second pair was still too big, she brought me an even smaller pair that I could not even get past my knees. Not realizing what I was saying, I finally left in frustration, convinced that the French generally and that clerk in particular were out to get me!
    I love that “drinks on the roof” story. Even when I myself am the butt of the joke, I love language screw-ups!

  8. Spue milk all over, somehow avoided the key board!!!
    The ease that words can cause these situations is always wonderful!
    And yes I do constantly marvel at the mind and it’s tricks.
    I really do think you should do the anonymous gift!! Ho.

  9. Ha! Ha! Love your writing and sense of humor. makes me laugh (and your food makes me smile)
    It reminds me of a time in a previous life, before I knew better, and lived the life of a workaholic. I called HOME one night (before caller ID) and said: “hey it’s me. I’m gonna be late.” It was 9:30 PM. Husband responded: “who is this?”
    Live and learn.
    Keep it up!