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I Practice ‘Unsafe Leftovers’ — 8 Comments

  1. There is some logic in your friends technique. I’m just reading about making beef stock and one of the directions is if kept over 3 days in the refrigerator it should be reheated to boiling and then used within 3 days.
    Yes, the FDA would have a field day with some things are seem to work just fine.

  2. I am notorious for leaving stuff like cheese or salad dressing out overnight. I’ve never gotten sick from it.
    But I have gotten bad food poisoning from restaurant food.
    Your friend does make sense…

  3. In France they do seem more relaxed about all of these issues. I just leave my soups to cool on the stove and put them in the fridge the next day! I usually don’t have meat in them, though…

  4. Maybe the people died but couldn’t get a message to you to let you know about it? :p
    A lot of other countries are much more relaxed than us Westerners about this sort of thing – and they seem to live longer, too!

  5. Hello Katie,
    we all should be more relaxed. I think your friend is perfectly right in handling things like this.
    I do myself leave a chicken soup to cool down in the kitchen at night to find it covered with greavy next morning. I thought it an easy method to get rid of surplus fat. 🙂
    Of course I reheat it before serving and no fingers, used spoons in it. 🙂

  6. Katie,
    Hmmm, I should try that with the leftovers in my fridge. The only thing is they seem to have become life forms. I may have to knock them on the head first.