Mediteranean Herbs: Wild in the Mountains — 10 Comments

  1. Katie, it’s very comforting to hear your saying that slug/snail on food is good; yes, I should be happy for it happening on my organic herbs 😀 And I love the cheese-base sauce on this chicken, really sounds wonderful!

  2. I’m gazing longfully at my chives now. Grow, damnit!
    It’s such a warm winter, they should pick up soon.

  3. I grow my own all summer, but as for house herbs…they just seem to die on me. I think the kitchen windowsill is too cold for anything live to grow there! Rosemary and basil are my favorites, tho I go thru so much of both, I think I will have to devote a whole bed to them!

  4. Well hello new idea – that strikes me as being really good! Balsamic and ricotta, it would have to be good.

  5. Yes, this is an exciting dish ! It looks delicious-oh to have all those fresh herbs available without going to the grocery!