One French Kitchen — 11 Comments

  1. Really, I’d like a cup of coffee and then I’d like to stay for wine. I would love to spend hours just sitting in your kitchen soaking it all in. That is a beautiful kitchen! I’m in awe!!!

  2. What a beautiful home you have-it is absolutely lovely and soooo French-I love it. What satisfaction you and your family must have now as you sit and relax, after all the renovating. I love the kitche. What a great idea to share your photos, thanks so much!

  3. Katie,
    I would love a glass (or two) of wine. I am envious of your house.

  4. Charming, really. It looks like you make the best use of space. The ceiling is interesting too. I found the note about doors curious. Open doors make everything seem bigger and more roomy. Maybe they are into cozy.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.
    I grew up with parents that (still) can, freeze, fish, hunt, garden and feed (100+) homeless every week out of the tinest kitchen that you could imagine. Your space, however, is quite generous.
    I’ll share one of these days. (After cleaning, ha!)

  5. Sharing your house and kitchen with the rest of us allows us to know you better. Fondness increases! Thank you for this!

  6. Thanks for inviting me in. A cozy, lovely place. I love the yellow on yellow paint scheme.