Tool Time: Kitchen Gadgets — 5 Comments

  1. I love gadgets too! I have several drawers full of them! When we visit the US we pack two extra suitcases purely for gadgets and food stuff. Much cheaper over there too. My favourite gadget of yours though was the tin opener! Very cute but functional!

  2. I love anything kitchen!
    My family thinks I’m quite mad when I want gadgets for holiday gifts instead of jewlry or apparel.

  3. I’ve seen Nigella using the mezzaluna…looks easier than trying to chop herbs with a kitchen knife. As for the garlic choppy thing, I think that would be great! I always chop by hand, and it takes time, and my hands smell for a while. Although, on second thought, I really LIKE the way my hands smell after chopping garlic!

  4. I have a wonderful garlic press that I love, easy to clean, don’t have to peel the garlic, works like a charm but it lacks the beauty of yours!
    My mezzaluna is like yours except it has a double blade. I use it all the time for nuts, when my friend Sue cooks with me she uses it for herbs. It looks good, does a great job, cleans easy.
    Your tin opener is the tops – I’ve not seen anything like it and to have pretty carving on it! well wow! That is super neat. I’d love one of those.
    Happy Day to you!