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Two Lemons, One Chicken = Sublime Eating (aka ‘Lemon Butt Chicken’) — 7 Comments

  1. I love lemon chicken but I admit to using lots of butter too, I’m scared of a dry chook! Perhaps I should give your method a try!

  2. Just when I thought I’d had enough to eat today……trying to recover from superbowl fare

  3. Sounds great and simple too!
    I’m not so sure of the purpose behind the already rare beef, though.

  4. Scott, You weren’t supposed to pick up on that. I slapped myself right after I put it in the oven….fortunately I had 4 slices left over for garnish…

  5. We have found that chicken here is so superior to what we had in Minnesota. Am eager to try the Lemon Butt Chicken!