Pixies, Hot Pink Jockstraps and French Elections

I was reading and laughing at Mike Cook's post, "Pixilated" on A Twist of Humour this morning and a memory surfaced. 

I often wonder at the workings of the brain, particularly mine.  There is an amazing amount of stuff stored in there.  Here is the story of the Hot Pink Jockstrap.

We were having a lovely holiday in Britain; staying at quaint country-house hotels, touring the castles and cathedrals.  This was the last bit, up in the Scottish Highlands.  We'd been driving in a drizzle all day and had just gotten to Inverness at around 4:00 on a gloomy Friday afternoon.  I was having a wee nap, my head resting on on the window.  We were stopped at a traffic light when some, deep, basic, instinct made me open my eyes and glance out the window.

I immediately made eye contact with a rather handsome young man about 10 feet away from me.  He gave me what could only be described as a 'cheeky grin'.  I stared.

He was tied, hands behind his back to a tall, sturdy pole, facing the street.  He was covered in mud, despite the rain.  Upon further study it became obvious that the mud had been thrown on him in rather large clumps.  Rude though it was, I continued to stare.  He was naked except for the tiniest, vividly hot pink athletic supporter.  Thankfully it was a long light!  He started to laugh and gave me a wink.  As we drove away I pointed him out to mon mari – I needed a witness.

When we got to our hotel Culloden House (fantastic place, they had a proper piper patrolling at sunset) I asked about the young man.  The woman looked at me as if I were daft (me; not the naked guy tied to the post) and said, 'They don't play pranks on the groom the day before the wedding in America?'  I thought 'None so entertaining to the rest of us!'.  She assured me that he'd probably consumed enough whisky that he wasn't feeling the cold and damp…or anything else, and that his mates would untie him in time for his wedding. 

I think weddings are probably more fun in the Highlands!

Speaking of mud-slinging:  Cindylee It's election year in France.  Not a particularly exciting one, as elections go but, as a further demonstration of the cultural difference between Europe and the U.S.  let me introduce Ms. Cindy Lee, presidential candidate for le Parti du Plaisir, the Pleasure Party.  This endearing photo of her was on the front page of our English newspaper, French News, on Saturday. 

Mon mari dit 'Viva la difference!'

I look forward to the first meeting between Cindy and Hilary….

6 thoughts on “Pixies, Hot Pink Jockstraps and French Elections”

  1. What incredible apparitions! I would love to have seen the young man! And I definitely want to be around for Cindy and Hillary!
    25 years ago we moved into a downtown neighborhood and as I came downstairs one day a young man was coming from the opposite direction down the middle of the street in front of our house holding his pants down around his knees but tied to a pole beats that.

  2. Hilary would probably have Ms. cindy beheaded-so many prudes in the US…..I find this very amusing!!It really is a pity more folks in the US don’t appreciate this sort of humor! Also, a great post, thanks for a hearty laugh!

  3. In the last state election, a woman in Wisconsin ran for treasurer (I think) on the basis that she was a former Green Bay Packers groupie. Badgers are slavishly devoted to their Packers, but cooler minds prevaled at the ballot box and she did not win.
    I saw a man in a diaper once. A frat pledge, I think.
    But the pink jock strap trumps that.

  4. Great story! Tyeing the groom to a lamppost is quite a common scenario in English soap operas ..never had the luck to see it in real though – yet!!

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