Pixies, Hot Pink Jockstraps and French Elections — 6 Comments

  1. What incredible apparitions! I would love to have seen the young man! And I definitely want to be around for Cindy and Hillary!
    25 years ago we moved into a downtown neighborhood and as I came downstairs one day a young man was coming from the opposite direction down the middle of the street in front of our house holding his pants down around his knees but tied to a pole beats that.

  2. Hilary would probably have Ms. cindy beheaded-so many prudes in the US…..I find this very amusing!!It really is a pity more folks in the US don’t appreciate this sort of humor! Also, a great post, thanks for a hearty laugh!

  3. In the last state election, a woman in Wisconsin ran for treasurer (I think) on the basis that she was a former Green Bay Packers groupie. Badgers are slavishly devoted to their Packers, but cooler minds prevaled at the ballot box and she did not win.
    I saw a man in a diaper once. A frat pledge, I think.
    But the pink jock strap trumps that.

  4. Great story! Tyeing the groom to a lamppost is quite a common scenario in English soap operas ..never had the luck to see it in real though – yet!!