Breakfast Wars: Sweet v Savory — 8 Comments

  1. so very interesting and I had no clue how simple it is. Miles away and it all sounds so wonderful. Everything in and/or from Europe is so marvelous, even on a blog. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  2. What a thing to wake up to! Fresh bread and croissants! I am definitely a sweet AND savouy person, in fact, I have to have a bit of both when I eat a meal!

  3. I am definitively a savory breakfast person, but in France it’s a must to eat croissants.

  4. Savory! Bring it on. Wow I never saw either of these in Spain when we were there. Both of these sound fabulous, breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

  5. In Catalonia this is on the table for all three meals plus snacks. The tomato bread and escalvida is rarely seen in the rest of Spain. Spain still has very localized, regional cooking – part of the fun!

  6. I want to live in a place where croissants hang off my fence in the morning! Escalivada is new to me; it looks absolutely luscious.