Tired of Rice? Try Quinoa… Weekend Herb Blogging! — 9 Comments

  1. Hooray. I am officially on spring break for the next nine days! So naturally I’m feeling very happy. I’ve only cooked with quinoa once but I did like it. It sounds like the lentil stew would taste great with it. I love lentils. Haven’t found a lentil recipe yet that I didn’t love.

  2. I used to cook with quinoa very frequently and haven’t for a long time. Need to get some in the pantry soon. The lentils…I love em. I was so excited when several varieties started showing up in the stores!!! The stew looks excellent.

  3. I’ve just started exploring the joys of quinoa, in part because I’m determined not to default to couscous all the time when I’m in a hurry to get a meal on the table. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  4. It’s all new to me. I’m thinking it will be great, cold in salads this summer….I’ll let you know! I think I like it better than couscous – although I like typing couscous…

  5. I love, love quinoa!!!! It’s almost the perfect food. And it tastes wonderful. Thanks for that recipe. Looks delicious!

  6. my friends from Peru say to use quinoa in any recipe that calls for cous cous. your recipe looks great and healthy!