Persillade – the stuff that makes escargots sooo good!

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My herb garden is starting to come back to life.  We had a day of sunshine last week, in the midst of our constant rain, and I was able to do a brief inspection.  There's hope!  Apparently the only thing that likes this terminal damp is the parsley. Parsley300  It's already well up for it's second year (it's a bi-annual).

Persillade is a mixture of roughly equal parts of garlic and parsley, chopped together, finely.  For those of you who have eaten escargots it's what makes that lovely, garlicky butter that one must sop up with lots of chunks of fresh baguette.  (Even if you can't abide the snails it's worth having just for the sauce.)  Along with Herbes de Provence, persillade is a staple of French cuisine and can be used to flavor almost anything.

I tried something different with these chops:  I baked them.  They didn't get nicely brown like they would with pan frying or broiling but they stayed incredibly juicy, and, with our little chops, only took about 7 minutes!  Plus, I didn't have to mind them!Lambfries_1

Baked Lamb Chops with Persillade

4 – 6 lamb chops, depending on size, about 16oz total (500gr)
3 tbs persillade which is
   2 tbs parsley
   3 cloves garlic – chopped very finely, together
1 tbs olive oil

Finely mince garlic and parsley together.  Place a shallow rack on top of a baking sheet.  Brush both sides of the chops with oil.  Sprinkle the persillade onto both sides of the chops and press in. Place the chops on the rack and bake, 450F (225C) oven for 7 – 15 minutes, depending on thickness.  Mine were 3/4" thick (2cm) and I baked them for 7 minutes for medium rare.  If yours are 1" thick (2.5cm) I would suggest 8 – 9 minutes.  If they are 2" thick (5cm) I would suggest 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and serve.

And those lovely potatoes….

Parmesan Potato Crisps 

2 medium – large potatoes
2 tbs olive oil
1 tsp marjoram
2 tbs Parmesan cheese

Slice potatoes the long way into 3/16 inch (.5cm) thick slices.  You should get 5 – 7 slices from each potato – discard 'end's.  Mix olive oil, marjoram and Parmesan together in a shallow plate or pie plate.  Dip both sides of potato slices in oil/Parmesan and lay on a nonstick baking sheet (if you have one – just makes it easier).  Put in a 400F (200C) oven and bake for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, remove pan, turn potato slices and return to oven for 10 more minutes.  When done, remove from pan and serve.

Now a question:  My British friend would make the chops by placing them directly on the rack/shelf in the oven with a drip pan below them.  If she roasts a leg of lamb or joint of beef it goes directly onto the rack/shelf; not in a pan that is placed on the rack, which is what I do.  We are equally amazed and appalled at the others technique.  She says it's a rack and that is what it's for.  I say it's a shelf meant to hold pans – any opinions? 

(Oh yeah, she has a cleaning woman to do the oven….I don't)    Bon Weekend! 

Don't forget, Monday, Kalyn's Kitchen

8 thoughts on “Persillade – the stuff that makes escargots sooo good!”

  1. Persillade is something I love to make in the summer when the flat-leaf parsley in my herb garden is abundant (also, it likes to be trimmed, so I think of this sauce as good for the parsley, too!).

  2. I haven’t made persillade, but I love the sound of it. Garlic and parsley, what’s not to like. And I am crazy about lamb too, so it sounds like a winner.
    I am with you on the roasting method, in a pan, then on the rack in the oven!

  3. I use my oven racks both ways.
    Persillade sounds wonderful. Did think about the escargots connection.

  4. Love the persillade, and the lamb chops. OK, and the potatoes, too. You’ve hit a triple!
    I would never put a roast directly on the oven rack, probably mainly because of the mess. It’s not a bad idea; just sounds…messy!

  5. I love persillade. My mil makes a thin cut of beef stuffed with persillade, rolled up and simmered in a tomato based sauce. Yum. And I’m with you on sopping up the sauce from escargots with some good baguette 🙂

  6. Parsley, my favourite herb, does not survive the slugs in my garden. I have to grow it on the window sill. Unfortunately you can’t eat slugs 😉

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