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Shop ’till you Drop…or Faint from Boredom — 8 Comments

  1. How strange that we in the UK can get most of the American groceries you mentioned, but not in France. Still, they do like to keep themselves to themselves, grocery wise!

  2. Grocery shopping somewhere different is one of my favorite shopping sprees! I am currently looking forward to visiting friends in the burbs of Chicago and shopping at Trader Joe’s!!!

  3. I found that all rather interesting. Shopping is a unique experience where ever you find yourself.

  4. Katie,
    Your shopping excursion sounded a tad more interesting than my shopping trip to the mall.

  5. What! I can’t buy pimientos in France?
    I think this is all fascinating. Shopping in any form is great.

  6. I’ll admit it – I need Listerine, too. Luckily no problem here!

  7. I thnk a lot of french olive oils use spanish olives, too. Not that there is anything wrong with spanish olives.