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Some Like it Hot; Some Do Not…Why? — 13 Comments

  1. Banderillas are just so much fun and then they’re fun in the mouth!
    The Spanish Tortillas is really a favorite of mine. The pimento is such a good change…I know I would like it.
    Especially like the last photo.

  2. If I get the chance, I’m in on this one. I’ll try and dig up some time tonight / tommorow AM.

  3. Ulrike, thanks for the link. She looks like a fun chef. Basque do use more peppers, etc. but I think it’s the Spanish influence.

  4. This looks great. My husband lived in Spain for a while, so he’s the tortilla maker in our family. I love them with just onions and potatoes, but the red peppers you’ve put in yours look delicious.
    Pim wrote about the pimientos de Padrón, those little fried green peppers some time ago. She called them “culinary Russian roulette,” because only about one in ten of them is spicy. That’s part of the fun of eating them. It appears that they are being grown in California now, but I can’t get them where I live. Sigh.

  5. Mary and Zorra: You are right, Pimientos de Padron. Thanks for the info. (Got to find that memory herb….)
    A platter of them among friends can make for an interesting evening…

  6. That looks so delicious. I made a dish yesterday with pimentos from Spain. They are wonderful to have on hand. Thanks for hosting WHB!

  7. tortillas are eaten in my house as much as bread! Yum…toss them right on the stove burner add cheese and tomato* slurp! a quick snack:)

  8. Spanish tortilla rules, Katie. And this version looks scrumptious. I love that you topped it with cheese.
    The banderillos are so cute — I completely forgot about those. I should make them for my next party!

  9. I was confused about tortilla (the omelette) and tortilla (the chip) for a long time. Then I tried something very similar to this at a Spanish restaurant in SLC famous for tapas. Just delicious. Very interesting about the peppers where only some are hot; I hadn’t heard about that before!

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