The Grass is always Greener — 9 Comments

  1. The pasta with salmon looks delicious, so luxurious! I envy you having eaten proper salmon in Ireland! One day that will be me!

  2. The Irish smoked salmon sounds divine but that’s what local and homemade is all about right!
    Funny what we look for in asparagus. I used to go for the thin ones, now I look for thicker but white isn’t much of an option unless I’m willing to pay a higher price.

  3. The asparagus looks wonderful. I’ve never seen it where I live.
    What a treat to have been able to get your Irish salmon in such a romantic and delightful way!

  4. I just posted this afternoon about roasted asparagus! Found it at our local grocers for .99# Can’t beat the price, thats for sure! We can get the white, but it’s usually $4 #, so I have never tried it.

  5. No asparagus here yet, we have snow on the ground! Yikes, I wasn’t ready for that! Just wanted to drop by again and tell you I really love your blog — I know it’s not on my sidebar for the moment but I’ve had a few issues with new Blogger, which is great otherwise. I wish I knew how to get left and right sidebars, but once again that may not be possible with Blogger. Anyway, have a great day! Your salmon pasta looks delicious, too…

  6. Snow! Oh no!
    We are very cold again. My garden is crying for attention and I am only partly through the vines. The hint of spring has disappeared.
    I just hope the asparagus doesn’t get damaged….

  7. Oh, How I love smoked salmon! We used to get it from the Indian Rez, homemade. I really miss that. Wonder if I can get her to bring me some?
    I’ve been eating those white asparagus all week, yum. Asparagus risotto next up.