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Yes, Life is still different here — 10 Comments

  1. Now, honestly, why can’t medicine in the US be like this? Where oh where is universal health care…. I hope you’re on the mend and feeling better.

  2. Ha, if everyone gave that 21 euros to the church we’d see a lot of priests driving in Mercedes instead of beat up old Renaults.

  3. Thank goodness the French health care system is better than the one in good old Britain! Hope you get sorted out soon!

  4. Now yours is a thought path I can follow, agree with and have a great laugh with. I’m sorry you injuried your body.

  5. How wonderful you did not have to sell your house to take care of your problem-I do hope you are doing better now. Our health system stinks over here and this new prescription act we have is for the birds-our debts are mounting in this country and we need to think about the younger generation-it “ain’t” happening here!Long live France!do take care!!!

  6. Katie,
    If you ever figure out how you manage to bite your tongue after fifty years of putting food in your mouth, please let me know. I have been putting food into my mouth for more than fifty years and I still can’t avoid munching on my tongue from time to time.
    Waiting Patiently,

  7. OH well yep I still bite my own tongue when chewing! and the pill thing ME TOO??? I do the same darn thing..HATE taking anything and would rather let it cure on its own if possible.. Get Better!

  8. I hope you’ve completely healed by now… Sometimes the pain killers can help it heal faster because some muscles which which you don’t even realize are clenched from pain can relax. Get better soon!

  9. am i a freak? i don’t think i’ve ever bitten my tongue!?! but i certainly bite the sides of my mouth with regularity.
    i understand your medicine debacle. i also always buy the pills and never take them. i think somehow the act of buying the pills feels as good as taking them.
    what concerns me mostly is that i’m just over halfway to fifty and am already doing these things. please ease my concerns and tell me you were the same in your younger years too! otherwise i dread to think how i’ll be at fifty!!!

  10. Everyone – glad to see I’m not the only one tht avoids pills.
    And Anna – are you asking me if I’ve always been weird?!?!? Uh, yeah, pretty much! When I was younger I knew I knew better than everyone else (including doctor)….now, I just think I do…. But, now I worry about it much less… C’est la vie!