Green Garlic, and Lunch in Huesca — 10 Comments

  1. Mmm, I was introduced to green garlic at farmers’ market last year, I think it was, and it’s great. Around here, I still have it to look forward to (the market opens May 12).

  2. Although I am German I adore green asparagus. Yesterday I saw the first German white asparagus on farmers market, it costs a fortune.
    Your dish looks great!

  3. I haven’t tried the green garlic yet. Not sure if they are available at the farmers’ market here in Australia. Your eggs look fantastic!

  4. That looks delicious, my mouth is watering. I’ll look for some green garlic at the market on friday.

  5. Katie, I almost forgot to re-adjust my mindset on lunch-time… 2 o’clock is too early in Europe, eh.
    Green garlic scramble eggs! So aromatic and juicy!!! Now I am trying to grow green garlic, but they don’t look very strong *sigh*

  6. Lisa, such a long wait yet – I get so impatient for spring goodies! I rarely see green garlic so this was a real treat!
    Ulrike, most Europeans seem to prefer the white. I prefer the green, with violet next. I want to come to Germany sometime for the asparagus festivals…
    Thanks Anh, Helene. I think it may be something one has to grow to get a supply. I may try it next year.
    I hope you find some, Meredith. I haven’t found anymore but I’m trying a different market this week. We live between towns so I have a choice.
    Gattina I can’t wait to hear how your growing attempt turns out!

  7. I remember other people writing about this, but I haven’t tried it. Sounds tasty.

  8. I thought up until now that I was the worse garlic grower in the Var, I planted them ages ago, or so it seems and when I dug one out, it looked like a spring onion, now I know, thanks to you that they are indeed still immature. I will be digging several up now for your yummy recipe:) thanks Katie!

  9. Maria, I just dug up garlic that I planted 2 years ago. In the summer the ground is too hard to get it out so it just kept recycling… now, it’s young, green garlic again.