In Praise of the Potato: the Misunderstood Tuber — 10 Comments

  1. I hope I’m never without potatoes!
    I think I’m in love with your New Potato ‘Oven Fries’, those look fabulous!

  2. this is too funny, I just finished cooking my dishes for tomorrow and one of them is a new traditon of smushed redskins with butter and mascarpone…mmmmmm

  3. OMG! I have been potato-deprived for 7 weeks, all in a vain attempt not to roll down Boul Mich!
    Looks so good!!

  4. I’ll have to look into weekend herb blogging. I do use a lot of herbs, and will be using more if and when spring really comes here…

  5. I’m Irish-American so I can’t imgine life without a potato. I love the image of the couple putting their chinese food on the french fries! And I love your recipe! Fabulous!

  6. I love this …..sometimes we get away from potatoes because of the starch content… you have done the “good ole tater” justice. “Good on you”, they would say down-under!The white balsamic on my search list…Cheers!

  7. I love potatoes! Can’t imagine my kitchen without it at all!
    Thanks for a beautiful post for this week WHB!

  8. Both of those dishes looked so darned good, Katie!
    I’ve been one of those “no potatoes shall pass my lips” people. I used to love them then gave them up for the low carb lifestyle. Thanks for the nutrient info, I’ll be looking into it more and, who knows?, potatoes may just show up on my blog some day. :))

  9. I temporarily banned potatoes from my diet a few years back but quickly learned the error of my ways. It’s a misunderstood plant, for sure! And boy, is it tasty roasted with some oil, salt and rosemary!

  10. The potato thanks you all for your support!
    Mascarpone AND butter? Ooooh that sounds good!
    I, too, have given it up periodically, but never for long.
    I do miss those big old ‘Idaho Bakers’ though…maybe on my next trip back. The list of foods to eat is getting very long!