Oh, Woe is Me! — 16 Comments

  1. I do hope you feel better now, the photos are wonderful, you have a beautiful garden!

  2. I don’t know the English scientific name for that first plant but we always called it the Money Plant because of the silver disks at summer’s end and used them in dried flower arrangments.
    I always find it odd how a weed one place is a prize in another. I would let the violets grow too! Flowers usually have a good effect on my mood as you point out!
    And have a lovely one tomorrow!

  3. Your garden is so beautiful…it would be very difficult to stay in the ‘woes’ there!
    Glad that grilling buddy of yours stayed out of the food : )

  4. Dear kate,
    Just catching up on your blog! (Sometimes I only have a minute or so to myself) Your garden is so beautiful and I must say that I am always impressed with you and your energy and cooking talents! Thanks for inspiring all of us!!

  5. Katie,
    It is not a good feeling to have the malaise thing drape itself around you. I’m glad the flowers made you feel better. They picked my spirits up. It’s nice to know that flowers are growing somewhere.

  6. Thanks, Ilva, It did cheer me up!
    Lydia, as long as I was out there I yanked a few weeds – that helped, too.
    Tanna, that’s exactly the plant. Those silver ‘coins’ are so pretty. The other weed/plant that drives my crazy here is ivy… It gets into and onto everything!
    Thanks, Pam – and my buddy was big – we probably could have served him…
    Thanks, Riana, I stop by and look at Amaya every day or two – she’s so cute! I bet you’re crazy busy!
    Mike, your turn will come….mayby in July…

  7. Funny, I knew the “song” or chant as “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms!”
    Same basic idea. And I felt the same way on Monday too!

  8. Hope you are feeling more cheery. It’s Monday; makes me feel depressed every week.

  9. My mother used to sing that little ditty to me.
    I was down on Monday, too, must be contagious.
    But the photos do perk me up! How lovely, Katie!

  10. Katie,
    I know those days all too well but you’re quite right, sunshine and nature always make me feel better too! Especially when we’ve had no greenery or flowers for weeks and now purples and yellows and reds everywhere!
    Look forward to seeing what your cow produces for the BBB!

  11. Good that you’re feeling better. I have one of those days once in a while also. And your garden is gorgeous. I wish I had a green thumb….

  12. Betty, Kayn, Mimi – just must have been a Monday thing. I wish I could have attached scent to the photos. My whole garden smells of lilacs.
    Freya, isn’t it wonderful seing the colors come back. I’m thinking on my cow…it’s having someone else test it that has me worried…I’ll have to accurate!
    Thanks, LF – I wish I could take all the credit but the flowers were all here when we moved in. I can’t tell the flowers from the weeds…

  13. Sorry about your blues. They’re inevitable, aren’t they — thankfully they come, and then they go. Your garden, and the beautiful tulip and winged creature were wonderful to look at; thanks.