Everyone Likes My Kitchen Best – or Not — 6 Comments

  1. Living in Minnesota, our kitchen was never big enough…even with the great room/kitchen layout more people congregated toward the kitchen area. Our kitchen in France has a door – almost always open – and rarely do the French or Brits enter unless invited to do so. Do they think we have staff? lol
    I used to say to-may-to. Now I just point. HA! ; )

  2. Katie,
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kitchen with a door. When I was growing up and even now when we have company, freewheeling anarchy prevails.

  3. I still say to-may-to but now refer to pants as trousers around our British friends so they don’t think I’m talking about my underwear!
    The main floor in our little house is an open kitchen/living area so when you come into the house and sit down on the couch, you’re pretty much sitting in the kitchen!
    Every party I go to, people congregate in the kitchen. Even if the house is huge but has a tiny kitchen, people will still cram themselves in there. At formal dinner parties our friends of any nationality are more likely to sit at the table and stay there. I usually offer to help with serving, dishes, etc and the offer is usually declined.

  4. There was not enough room to swing a cat in my mother’s kitchen and always twice as many people as could resonably fit (and all talking)
    Loulou it sounds like your friends are a little more relaxed – like Minnesotans! I was playing golf with the same group of Brits when I commented that I wanted to get some knickers to wear in the cooler weather. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was either blushing or laughing. The word I wanted was ‘knickerbocker’. They all thought I only wore underwear in the winter….

  5. I’m from Minnesota so I say tamayduh 🙂 I’d like to photos of a seven level house.

  6. Most American houses are huge compared to houses in England. You are so right about everyone closing the doors to every room. It’s bad enough that the houses are tiny but all the closed doors just make me feel claustrophobic!