Remy the Foodie Rat starring in “Ratatouille” and Rant on ’24’ — 10 Comments

  1. Katie,
    “A guy gets a hole drilled in his head with a power drill and an hour later he’s fine.”
    I must remember to keep my wife from seeing that sentence.

  2. I remember seeing the trailer for Ratatouille a while ago — forgot how funny it was! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Katie,
    I received the same email about Ratatouille. I looked at the trailer and loved the whole idea. But since I’m a luddite when it comes to putting images in my sidebar, I haven’t responded yet. Oh, yeah, and I’ve been busy too. I like the way you’ve handled this though, by putting up a post about it. I’ll see if I can put something up this weekend.
    About 24 – I hate the program. Used to watch it during the first 2 seasons then it got so outrageously outside of reality I couldn’t do it anymore.

  4. The movie and link sounds fun.
    I have only watched one episode, last 30 minutes of “24” but I understand your rant. I find fantasy easy but real should be real or it’s something it’s trying not be be. Chocolate should be chocolate or it’s not … right? Right!

  5. The “Hour of Bauer” is set to DVR every week. We’re total 24 junkies (Go Jack!) and used to plan our Mondays around it but I must admit… My husband and I both have been unhappy with this season. It seems, well, like a cross between ho-hum and no-friggin’-way, with no happy medium. It has definitely been an off-season for sure 🙁 We actually missed a week and didn’t even realize it – that would have NEVER happened before!

  6. I got the same e-mail and I am preparing a post. I wasn’t sure how I’d approach it at first, but now I think I’ll do a link to your site, Katie.

  7. I just watched the the 2nd season of 24 and I am hooked….i guess i have a lot to look forward to and some catching up to do……back in town and ready to write and read! Have missed you!

  8. Sorry, Mike, I already sent a link to your wife 😉
    Lydia, I used to avoid animated films, but after Shrek….
    Christine, I figured every food blog in the world received the e-mail – that’s why I sent a question: to see if there was a human on the other end. We loved the first season of 24.
    Tanna, that’s why I’ve never understood white chocolate, I mean, isn’t that an oxymoron?
    Shawnda, I’m glad to hear it isn’t just me. Living over here in TV backwater we have only seen the first season – which we loved, and this one which….well, you already know what I think
    Mimi, I would be curious to find out which (of the many) blogworlds we belong to gave out a list of food blogs. At least it was real. I had never heard of the movie so I did some checking on it first….
    Jann, Welcome back, can’t wait to here about your trip. Enjoy the 2nd season and let me know when you get to this one…

  9. I was a total 24 fanatic but this season is really getting to be too much. I’ve missed a couple of episodes and haven’t really cared. I love your ranting.

  10. never heard of RATATOUILLE and never heard of 24, but definitely doesn’t sound like my kind of show. I did, however, register for the free trip to Paris. Thanks,