Artichokes: The Other ‘A’ Vegetable — 19 Comments

  1. In German: Artischocke. I have to admit, I never prepared them myself although I’ve won a cookbook with detailed instructions. Northern Germany isn’t the artichoke country.

  2. Beautiful artichokes! Did you know that the snail farmers here in California use fields of artichokes to “raise” the snails? Apparently, the little devils love the artichokes plants as much as we do!
    I sure do love aioli. Is it a bad idea to eat it with a spoon? I guess so. :):) Thanks for the wonderful post (as always)

  3. Ooooh, artichokes dipped in aioli — how wonderfully indulgent and sensual! Lucky for us here in northeast US, asparagus and artichokes don’t share the same growing season — in fact, we have very few home-grown artichokes here, which is why they are such a treat whenever we do find them in the market.

  4. Katie, you post just full of humor, I couldn’t stop laughing!
    Your artichoke head is so pretty, I will use scissor to snip next time!

  5. Would you believe I haven’t had even one artichoke yet this spring. I do agree about the poor planning. Who was in charge when all these things were decided, that’s what I’d like to know.

  6. I remember when I first went to college in California, I had never tasted an artichoke! I ordered one in a restaurant as a starter for something like five dollars, which seemed outrageously expensive! And I loved every bite of it…still do!

  7. Artichokes are heaven! I visited Castroville, CA once years ago, and it was overwhelming to see the many varieties — to be surrounded by artichokes. Fabulous.
    I love them best with lemon butter, but the aioli would be good, too. I’ve made that plenty of times, but I didn’t know that traditionally aioli didn’t include eggs. Either way — delicious.

  8. Artichokes are divine eating but my attemps at cooking seem to produce very poor results. So I’d love to try yours but won’t be doing them myself. When should I be over?

  9. Sher, I wich I could send them my snails – they attack my basil and lettuce. I’m comforted but the fact that it means I’m an ‘organic’ gardener… Of course, you can eat it with a spoon.
    Ulrike, they’re grown all over northern France, but, I guess we’re a bit warmer here.
    Lydia, we rarely found them in Minnesota, either – not even shipped in when we were still living there.
    Thanks, Gattina …and, yes, the scissors does the trick.
    Kalyn, we know it wasn’t a foodie gardener…
    Betty, I had my first one as a starter in California, too….memories….
    Lisa, aioli is everywhere in Andorra and Catalonia… French fries dipped in aioli – yumm. Lemon butter sounds good – next week.
    Friday will be fine, Tanna – see you then!
    CC – that’s me thought and I’m sticking to it!
    Anna, and the best part is the rosado – computer thoughts fade quickly

  10. Delicious Artichokes! Thanks for reminding us that they too are in season! I think they do get overlooked in favour of asparagus (and, here in the UK, they are very expensive). I love to dip the leaves just in garlic butter too. Delicious!

  11. We just made artichokes last night, had them with melted butter, which is what my husband likes. I like the simple French version of cold artichokes and vinaigrette, but this aioli, this will make me change my preference, I am sure. Good thing I have more artichokes in the fridge. Thanks.

  12. Lovely post Katie. We’ve been eating artichokes the size of one’s head for about 2 weeks now. I’ve got to try this aioli with them!
    So sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’m trying to catch up with all my blogger friends. So little time these days…

  13. The comment from “avery” was really Cyn…don’t know how my 14 yod got her name in my typepad acct.!!!

  14. I just finished an artichoke-chicken salad. I’ve never made then myself, just used jars and cans. They are still wonderful.

  15. Freya, Mary, we used to do butter and I’m not sure when we changed – must have been the years in Andorra. Spanish are rather maoy/aioli crazy!
    Christine, the artichokes must be awesome!
    VC – they’re so easy! Try it!
    Cyn, I’m confused….
    Mimi, They’re like asparagus: good both fresh and canned! (and easier canned)