Designing a small Herb Garden – and Salmon with Tarragon Mayo — 11 Comments

  1. Fresh herbs and a grill … make perfect salmon and veggies! Yes, I love this meal.

  2. Love the concept of a square garden. My garden is pretty big, but the herbs are pretty much all getting used (some are frozen at the end of the summer and I use them all winter.) I’ve never grown chives, that’s a plant I think I should try. Just planted tarragon this year for the first time.

  3. That’s a lot of herb plants – no wonder you end up using some for compost!
    I’m in the process of creating my own herb garden – will keep in mind the tip about mint in pots:)

  4. My tarragon has gone nuts this spring, too! Most of it ends up in the compost, as it’s easier to grow than to incorporate into my cooking. I’m starting fresh with both thyme and lemon thyme, which for some reason have not retured with vigor this spring. I use thyme more than any herb in the herb garden, but I also plant lots of parsley, basil (several varieties), chives and garlic chives, lemongrass, sage, mint and chocolate mint (yes, both running amok, but I have the room for it and I use tons of mint). I keep trying dill, but with no success. Maybe this year….

  5. Katie, that’s a great and instructive list for square foot gardening, and I’m jealous of all your herbs! That’s quite fabulous. I like the sound of that recipe, too. Yum!

  6. I am going to try some of your herb garden advice. the little I planted, coriander included, has already croaked, so I need to start over….

  7. Tanna, the salmon from the smoker is wonderful! (as are the veg)
    Kalyn, you really should plant chives and garlic chives. They are both so easy!
    Pille, mint must be in pots (I think)
    Thanks. Ulrike….but no thanks…
    Lydia, I lost both my thymes this year, too. Must add lemongrass – I’ll have to get the seeds in the U.S. though.
    Genie, square foot gardening is super easy and great for small spaces. My own herb garden is 40 feet by 20 feet – a bit much!
    Jann, 9:30 in summer – we’ll be waiting
    Meredith, good luck with the replanting. This spring’s weather has been soooo unreliable.

  8. I have most of the above, but I forgot that I need to get dill and summer savory (near the beans)! I’ve got so many things so close together. I tried to make sure I did companion planting as much as possible. Still, the dill was hard to place.
    I’d kind of like to add cilantro, spearmint (containers!!), lemongrass, and epazote. And Mexican oregano. And more varieties of basil. If I can start a second square-foot garden next year I will do that.
    And my thyme is struggling, halfway around the world…

  9. love the recipe and was a hit with the family. If you are interested in Herb Gardens then this site is also worth a look