Flaming Duck Breast — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! Now you’re talking! Grilled duck breast sounds so incredible! Well, duck fixed any way is fabulous!
    (Just read your comment on my blog and am still giggling!)

  2. I always seem to stop here when I’m hungry….how are you…have a nice week…it’s finally warming up in the midwest

  3. We’re big duck breast fans too. I like to marinate them in a kind of orange juice/soy sauce/vinegar marinade. Yum.

  4. Wow! I am so glad you (finally) posted this! Great shots of the flames, I thought! And the duck breast looks fabulous, way better than the one I did. I can not wait to try it. Thanks again! Incredible!

  5. This is amazing from the flame to the beautiful tender pink & black breast to the quack! I must show this to my friend who goes duck hunting! That is incredible looking meat!!

  6. I love DUCK, anyway I can get it. I like to do those breasts with honey and lavender and then deglazed the pan with balsamic, but the BBQ is a popular way during the summer at our house too.

  7. Sher, the duck is fantastic. I wish I could share.
    CF, the weather here is picture-perfect today. Last week was the 80-mile garage sale….
    Freya, mon mari has practiced lots on these and does (almost always) a perfect job.
    Betty, that sounds great! I’ll try it next time. Carrefour had a ‘duck fair’ a few weeks ago so we stocked up for summer.
    It is juicy, Gattina, thanks.
    Pookah, those flames till make me nervous, but here we have no overhanging branches….
    Tanna, I don’t know if wild duck breast would be tender enough…worth a try, though
    lf, if you get a chance…
    Riana, the advantage of the BBQ is “NO MESS” – but, you already knew that… Honey and lavendar, yum!

  8. I was kind of sleepy reading this, and when I read “I lost an oven mitt, though” my eyes flicked down to the top picture of the duck breast. HA! I thought you took a picture of the burned mitt for posterity!
    Now that I’ve realized it’s the *duck*, my mouth is watering…